Hazardous road conditions in local mountains

CAJON PASS, Calif. For most of the day traffic on Interstate 15 through the Cajon Pass was moving along quite well. Commuters experienced steady rain, occasional hail, lightning and thunder. But things could change over the next several hours as snow starts to move in.

Snow is also expected to start piling up in the San Bernardino Mountains overnight.

Early Tuesday morning, the mountain community of Crestline was shrouded in thick, heavy fog.

"Coming up sometimes you can't even see two inches in front of your car," said Crestline resident Jeff Larsen.

But Larsen is hoping for more than fog. He wants snow.

"I love it. My daughter loves it. We have a snow hill by her house that they go sledding on," said Larsen.

But at only 4,700 feet above sea level, Crestline doesn't get as much snow as other mountain communities. Although snow is expected Tuesday evening, for now, folks in the area are simply waiting.

"I don't think it is cold enough to snow right now, but I know it's snowing up higher," said Crestline resident Marianne Robarge.

In Wrightwood, which is at 5,900 feet above sea level, snow started falling early Tuesday morning.

"When you have conditions like this you can't pass it up," said Robarge.

Visibility was difficult, but for people who live in places where it just doesn't snow, Tuesday was a real treat.

"It doesn't snow in Temecula, so it's pretty nice to come up here," said Temecula resident Chris Foss.

"I went snowboarding with my friend, she brought me up here," said La Palma resident Kevin Hokinson. "We went snowboarding and had a great time."

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