Best and worst fashion from the Oscars

LOS ANGELES, Calif. "In general, there was a retro redux. There was a feeling of 1950s dresses, strapless, that kind of structured, stiffer constructed dresses," said fashion designer Randolph Duke.

"I tend to like the guys a little bit more classic," said Duke. "There is a little bit of a 1930s throwback happening. The tuxedos are not the narrow lapels anymore. We're back to the huge, and we're wearing a little bit more of a classic look. It's really a classic look."

Even the younger generation went with a more vintage, classic look.

"It's too much. We've seen it, it's not new and it's not fresh. Carey Mulligan did it new. She took a 50s shape, but she made it young and fresh because of her hair, her personal style, and the dress she picked had scissors and knives on it," said Duke. "I mean, come on, that's modern and cool."

Sarah Jessica Parker's gown at the 82nd annual Academy Awards seemed to be a hit or miss with a lot of people, but not for Randolph Duke.

"Sarah Jessica Streisand did it, as I like to call her, because she pulled off," said Duke."Her hairdo and that great Chanel, loose dress looked amazing. Nobody was wearing a silhouette like that, so that looked original to me."

Was there anybody on the red carpet who disappointed you?

"That's the hard thing. Because you're actually looking for more misses. If anything, I think the misses were the dresses that were borderline great, or the ones overpowering the woman," said Duke. "It's not that the dress was bad, it's that the dress was maybe wearing her."

Who was your favorite top girl?

"Jennifer Lopez is always my favorite, because she's like watching an event. She just knows how to do the whole thing, and she's stunning to look at," said Duke.

"Sandra Bullock was classic," said Duke. "Sandra Bullock was purely beautiful. She's in my top five. I thought she was great. The only thing she missed on was the lipstick color. The lipstick was a little bright and stole away from the icy beauty of her skin in that dress, but she knocked it out of the park, as well."

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