Hail, wind force temporary Grapevine closure

GORMAN, Calif. With spring in full swing, the closure was the last thing drivers were expecting.

"It was 80 degrees last weekend in Pine Mountain … I left 10 minutes ago, it was 25 degrees, so this is unusual," said Michael Kinkade.

The California Highway Patrol shut down the southbound lanes of the 5 Freeway in the Grapevine for a short time, as the worst of the storm hovered overhead. On the northbound side, the CHP escorted drivers.

"The only bad thing about driving in these conditions is just, you got to watch out for everybody. It's very dangerous 'cause you got people that don't know how to drive in it, and next thing you know, they swerve out of control," said trucker David Carter.

The icy conditions are worry enough, but this storm is also very windy, and for truckers, that can be a devastating combination.

"It just moves it side to side, it can shift lanes, and it can also flip it, so you got to be careful," said trucker Uriel Cordova.

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