SoCal students prepare for solar boat race

LAKE SKINNER, Calif. It is the largest solar powered boat competition in the nation. The Students will be sailing their solar powered boats, boats that they spent the past seven months perfecting.

"Not everything is planned out," said Rafael Quededo from Citrus Hill High School. "In engineering we meet new problems and we have to open our minds to new possibilities and meet those new possibilities because we won't expect them. "

This is the 8th annual competition sponsored by the Metropolitan Water District. The boats are going to be graded on speed, maneuverability, safety and effectiveness of the solar panels.

"We have a couple of teams this year that are trying a new engine format. We have a couple of teams that are trying new propellers and new routers to try and get that technical advantage," said Julie Miller from the Metropolitan Water District.

"The router being reversed puts the stream of water closer because the stream opens and goes further away and the closer the router is to our general stream will help it in steering and make it more effective," said Quededo. "Lots of trips to home depot and it's been a great overall experience and I'll definitely remember it for a long time to come and I'll definitely share it with many people as I'm sure the team will as well. "

The actual competition on the water takes place Saturday and Sunday and can be viewed by the public on the shores of Lake Skinner.

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