O.C. police shoot suspected child molester

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. The suspect was reportedly in one of the apartment units in the area. When police began searching the building to arrest the suspected child molester, the 44-year-old man broke a window and fled. He ran across the street, where he was shot by officers in an alleyway near an elementary school.

"We heard some shots and I was like really scared. And they said you have to lock down the whole school and they did," said witness Carlos Aguilare.

James Kustra was sitting on his balcony when the suspect took off across the street. He said he then heard five or six gunshots.

"I ran inside, I grabbed my wife and we hid in our bedroom and closed the door and just kind of separated ourselves in case there were bullets flying the sky," said Kustra.

Authorities said the suspect, whose name has not been released, was shot more than once. It's not clear if he had a weapon, but authorities said the suspect was known to carry a firearm.

The suspect was taken to Mission Hospital in /*Mission Viejo*/. His condition was unknown, said Amormino.

No one else was injured in the shooting.

Few details were released about the suspect, except the child molestation he's accused of took place in Yorba Linda. Investigators also said he has an extensive criminal history.

The shooting took place near Marian Bergeson Elementary School on Rancho Niguel Road. The school was placed on lockdown for a short time.

Multiple agencies are investigating the incident.

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