Son saves dad after off-roading accident

HACIENDA HEIGHTS, Calif. Phillip Cisneros has been riding with his dad, Gus, a Montebello police officer, taking trips to the desert and dry lake beds where they ride in the open land. Phillip and his dad were on one of those trips last Sunday when Gus had a bad fall on his motorcycle and broke his ankle so severely he couldn't walk.

"I attempted to crawl to our truck which was about 75 yards from where we were at initially and I attempted to crawl there but I couldn't. The pain was just too bad. I was in a world of hurt," said Gus.

That's when Phillip decided to take matters into his own hands. He disobeyed his dad's request to stay put, and took off running in the middle of nowhere to get help.

"I'm thinking that my dad would be ok. He's going to go to the hospital and he's going to go to the paramedics. I was thinking all that stuff," said Phillip. "I wasn't scared, I was brave."

Not only did he find help, but he led an officer from the Bureau of Land Management to where his father had been waiting in pain, and wracked with worry.

"I saw his helmet pop up from the interior of the vehicle. And when I saw that little head pop up, I knew it was him, and I knew he was ok and I thanked God," said Gus.

"I just thank God that he acted the way he did, he's truly our hero," said Phillips mother.

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