GOP Senate runner pulls TV ads to save cash

LOS ANGELES Campbell may walk with his head held high, but it's his bottom line that's dragging. Because the /*Republican*/'s campaign is running low on cash, he's been forced to pull his TV ads and rely on the Internet, less than a week before the primary election.

"I'm not independently wealthy, so I wasn't able to put in $5 million of my own money," said Campbell, in a not-so-subtle dig at /*Carly Fiorina*/, Campbell's main challenger in the /*Republican primary*/.

"It's certainly a sign that Tom Campbell has not been able to generate the enthusiasm and support behind his candidacy necessary to communicate with voters," said Julie Soderlund, a spokesperson for Fiorina.

Campbell may have raised more funds than her, but Fiorina, the former CEO of /*Hewlett-Packard*/, has loaned her campaign $5.5 million of her own money, allowing her to boost her television presence. Fiorina has now moved ahead of Campbell in some polls. State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, who is also running in the primary, says that Campbell misspent his campaign funds trying to keep up with Fiorina.

"When you place all of your eggs in the TV advertising basket and the money doesn't come through, then you're going to have to pull back on the ads," said DeVore.

Campbell refuses to reveal exactly how much money he has left, but the latest figures show it to be less than $500,000, which is not enough to mount an effective TV campaign.

Campbell says he has a handful of fundraisers planned and expects to get his message back on the air.

"We're using social networking media and we'll be back up on television and cable in the very near future," said Campbell. "It's just a function of cash flow."

Cash flow and time are both winding down quickly to Tuesday's election.

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