Wife tries killing hubby, gets half in divorce

POMONA, Calif. His story made headlines. It may also close a loophole in California's divorce law concerning marital assets.

Pomona Police Detective John Pomroy was going through a contentious divorce back in 2002. His ex-wife, after losing custody of their two sons, wanted him out of the picture, literally. So she tried to get members of a biker gang in San Bernardino County to kill him.

"In my case, I was a victim of solicitation to commit murder by my ex-wife so that she could benefit financially," said Pomroy. "So she wanted to get everything, financially, even though she was entitled to half of it."

According to California law, Pomroy's ex-wife is entitled to half. She was convicted and served 22 months in prison, then released in 2004. Pomroy's ex collected around $70,000 from their shared estate in their divorce.

Pomroy didn't think that was fair and he worked to change the law.

State Assemblyman Marty Block (D-San Diego), has introduced legislation to change that. A hearing was held Tuesday in sacramento by the state's judiciary committee.

"I was shocked to see this loophole, but we did talk to an organization that deals with domestic violence, and they said that there are more cases like this that occur than we would believe, so we felt it was important to close the loophole immediately," said Block.

The bill hasn't been opposed. Pomroy says if it passes, he won't recover what he's lost, but he keeps his entire pension.

There is no communication between the Pomroy and his ex. Pomroy's family has a restraining order against her.

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