Man shot halting bank raid says bank owes him

LONG BEACH, Calif. On the morning of March 5, Richard Camp stood frightened inside a Farmers & Merchants Bank in /*Long Beach*/. A /*bank robber*/ was pointing a gun at him and threatening to kill him.

Many consider what happened next an act of heroism, but nearly four months later, Camp says the bank is trying to portray him as a greedy man.

In the surveillance footage, you can see the so-called "Sport Bike Bandit" robbing the bank, armed with two guns and a knife and wearing a motorcycle helmet.

As he enters more clearly into the camera shot, he drops money from a bag and has a run-in with a customer.

When the robber goes back to the teller's window, Camp makes his move. He grabbed the bandit and threw him to the ground.

"Man, I was scared. I didn't know what to think. I'm like, 'What are my options left? I've already tried the passive ones,'" Camp said. "I decided that it was the best opportunity to guarantee that I go home. I can't leave it in his hands and hope that he's nice enough not to shoot me."

During the struggle, Camp was shot in the leg, but he was able to keep the robber down until officers arrived.

Camp has gone through surgery and physical therapy, but he has not been able to work as a general contractor since the incident.

He said that F&M sent him flowers and offered to buy him lunch. However, when it came to his medical bills, that's where things get messy.

"Right now, his bills are $75,000, but what the bank has offered to date is $10,000, if and only if he goes on public TV and writes to the media and praises the bank and their security," said Camp's attorney Eric Dubin.

Dubin declined the offer, and he says that the bank is now trying to portray Camp as greedy.

"That sort of makes it hard to work when people are telling you or telling the public that you're a bad person. That really frustrates me. Then there are the medical bills that they said they'd take care of but they haven't," Camp said.

F&M released the following statement:

"(Richard Camp's attorney) threatened litigation and told F&M that Mr. Camp was not interested in payment of his medical bills because his medical expenses were covered by his wife's insurance policy."

"This bank has done a 180 like I can't believe. Publically, they say they've offered to pay all his bills but has been rejected. Privately, they've offered to pay him a fraction, blaming him for getting shot basically, and all we want is the medical bills paid," Dubin said. "This is not about profiting from heroics."

Camp says he's not looking to get money for physical or emotional pain or to recover lost wages. He says he's gotten cards and letters and even small amounts of money from people he doesn't know.

As for Farmers & Merchants, they say they had no choice but to turn this over to attorneys and that it will be solved in court.

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