LAPD officers shoot LAUSD worker in Pacoima

PACOIMA, Calif. There are multiple bullet holes in the suspect's car, which was wedged between two police vehicles that also had bullet holes and shattered windows.

Police said LAPD officers with the department's /*Special Investigation Section*/ -- an elite, controversial section known for tracking and engaging in gun battles with wanted suspects -- had been looking for a suspect in connection to a string of armed robberies at check-cashing businesses in the San Fernando Valley.

The suspect was spotted Thursday morning on Osborne. Soon after, shots were fired. The suspect was hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

"When they attempted to take the suspect into custody, an officer-involved shooting occurred," said /*LAPD Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese*/. "The suspect has been shot, has been transported to a local hospital. The officers are OK."

A woman who would only identify herself as "Pepe" claimed to witness the shooting from the window of her nearby home. Asked if she saw the suspect shoot at police, she said: "No. No. I didn't. I don't know what happened back up toward the street, but down here, no, I didn't see him shooting at them." She said the shots fired came from the police.

Asked if the suspect fired on officers, Albanese replied: "I don't have that level of detail yet. I know that an officer-involved shooting occurred. I know that we shot the suspect. As to what his specific actions were, that'll come out in the next hours in terms of the investigation. Deadly force had to be used."

A tearful woman on the scene claimed to be the suspect's mother. Margaret Robertson claimed to be the suspect's grandmother. She said the suspect is 22-year-old Emanuel Bracey.

"He lives in L.A. That's where he works, I don't know which one," said Robertson. She claimed the suspect works for the school board. Asked what the suspect was doing in Pacoima, Robertson replied: "He comes because he used to live with me. He comes to pick up his payroll check."

A shotgun could be seen underneath a truck at the shooting scene. Police said the weapon belongs to them.

Police said they did find a gun in the suspect's car.

The /*Los Angeles Unified School District*/ confirmed Emanuel Bracey works for the school district, but would not reveal his job description.

The LAPD continued to investigate Thursday evening.

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