Guns from Israeli PM visit may be in L.A.

LOS ANGELES It seemed not even the /*Israeli*/ secret service was immune to the problems of lost luggage.

The prime minister took a chartered flight from Israel to New York's /*John F. Kennedy International Airport*/ . The bags were supposed to be transferred to an American Airlines flight headed to Washington, D.C., but a bag belonging to his security detail was lost.

The bag ended up at LAX, and sometime during that time, four 9mm Glock handguns were stolen.

"If his stuff can get stolen, what about mine," said Diana Kleimenova, an American Airlines passenger.

Officials are unsure if the guns were stolen in L.A. or New York. When the suitcase was opened when it arrived at LAX, the guns were missing.

"Los Angeles Airport Police responded to American Airlines baggage claim area to take a report for the theft of firearms reported missing," said LAX Police Sgt. Belinda Nettles in a statement. "Further details cannot be released as this is an ongoing investigation by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey who is the lead investigating law enforcement agency on this incident."

American Airlines has not released a statement on the incident.

The snafu did not affect Netanyahu's visit with /*President Barack Obama*/ at the White House. The prime minister is back in New York on Wednesday to meet with American-Jewish leaders.

U.S. law enforcement is working with American Airlines to find the thieves.

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