Carell, Rudd on 'Dinner for Schmucks' menu

LOS ANGELES /*Steve Carell*/ plays the socially awkward man who may holds the key to Rudd's future success.

The two actors are long-time friends and both are adept at improv. And yes, they still manage to crack each other up.

"All the time, even more so now," Carell says. "We do know each other so well that we sort of know each other's weak spots a little bit better now and sort of go for that."

"I'm a mess," /*Rudd*/ says. "Throughout the whole thing I was a mess.

"Steve makes me laugh so hard," Rudd added. "He has those moments where I don't know what's coming and I just wind up apologizing for ruining the take."

Director /*Jay Roach*/ remembered one particular brunch scene he did not think the cast and crew would be able to get through.

"They could not keep it together," Roach says. "It took us a long time to shoot that scene. A lot of good stuff for the DVD"

"/*Dinner for Schmucks*/" is rated PG-13 and also stars /*Zach Galifinakis*/, /*Bruce Greenwood*/ and /*Ron Livingston*/. It's in theatres on Friday.

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