Woman fatally shot in car in Leimert Park

LEIMERT PARK, LOS ANGELES The victim is Christina Williams, a graduate of Fairfax High School, Class of 2001. She was a very popular person. Her family believes she was shot here in some sort of setup. The detectives on this case have been working on all the clues for the last 20 hours.

"Everybody is in disbelief. Nobody wanted to believe it was true. Everybody is just in disbelief," said a friend who didn't want to be identified. "I've known Christina for 10 years. I met her in high school and we've been friends ever since. She was the most energetic, fun person that anybody would ever meet."

On a street so pleasant, sadness so profound: Violence is unusual at 4th Avenue and 42nd Street in Leimert Park.

"We heard them shots and they said is that firecrackers? And I said, 'Oh no,'" said Frankie Williams, a neighbor.

"I sat froze for a second and said well it's not the 4th of July, so this can't be firecrackers and I listened to see if I heard any type of a reaction," said neighbor Darryl Andrews. "I didn't hear a car speed off or anything of that nature."

At 11 p.m. Thursday night, 27-year-old Christina Williams was gunned down while sitting in her car. She did not live in the area.

A family member told Eyewitness News she had received a phone call late Thursday night. Someone needed to see her and called to meet here.

"The person had to have felt comfortable with whoever the person was because none of the neighbors heard anyone speed off," said Andrews.

"I've been on the street 24 years, and that car has never been here," said Cathryn Hollis, a neighbor.

Police say they received an anonymous tip from a witness who saw a man running away. But the description is vague: a tall, thin, black male.

"I had just talked to her yesterday, earlier in the day," said the unidentified friend, who said Williams didn't say anything about feeling in danger or being threatened.

Asked why Williams would meet someone late at night, the friend replied, "Everybody is wondering why this happened, and what happened. Nobody knows. That is what we are all trying to figure out."

If you have any information related to the shooting, you're asked to call the Los Angeles Police Dept. at (877) LAPD-24-7. Detectives say they are getting a number of leads but they could use more.

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