Pomona considers disbanding police department

POMONA, Calif. The reason is money: next year about $40 million, nearly half of the city's budget will go to the police department. The sheriff's department will cost less.

Just last month, sheriff's deputies moved into Maywood after that city disbanded its police department. Sierra Madre is also considering it.

Eyewitness News contacted Pomona's mayor, city council members and the city manager's office. Calls were not returned Monday.

The /*Pomona Police Officers Association*/ did release a statement about the sheriff's department saying: "They do not develop a deep sense of 'community' because they are unable to invest an entire career in one area like we do in Pomona. When deputies promote, they move on."

According to this latest report these isn't enough information to compare the sheriff's department proposal and the current police department. The recommendation is not to move ahead with this.

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