'OG gangsters' arrested in L.A. gang sweep

EXPOSITION PARK, LOS ANGELES During an overnight raid, at least two dozen members of the gang /*Pueblo Bishops Bloods*/ were taken into custody. They are all being charged under the federal racketeering and corruption act.

It was called Operation Family Ties because police targeted the shot callers and the "original gangsters" - the heavy hitters in the gang.

It's the first time that the /*RICO Act*/ has been used against a black L.A. street gang.

"This gang was among the most violent that we've encountered," said Steven Martinez, FBI assistant director.

More than 1,000 FBI and LAPD agents swept down on the Pueblo del Rio housing project in South L.A. Police said more than 30 people have been arrested so far.

According to the indictment, Pueblo Bishops Bloods, was a criminal enterprise, using narcotics, robberies and murder to control their territory.

"Much of this criminal activity happened right in the midst of a preschool, playground and elementary school in the Pueblo del Rio neighborhood," he said.

There are believed to be 300 active gang members. They are even accused of targeting police officers who were on patrol in the area.

Some of those arrested will be facing life in prison if they are convicted. Arrests are expected to continue.

Authorities said they know the gang sweep won't end the gang's dominance, but they're hoping the arrests will severely hamper their efforts.

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