Dodgers alienating fans w 'Doyers' TM

LOS ANGELES For years "Los Doyers" T-shirts have been popular among fans, and a big seller at Manny Morales' Latin Lingo clothing stores. But as of Saturday, these shirts are no longer for sale.

"Why are they trademarking something that we've been saying for years. That's the way our parents, our grandparents have been saying the Dodgers for ages so who am I to go trademark that?" said Morales.

On behalf of the Dodgers, Major League Baseball sent Latin Lingo a cease and desist letter, stating that the "Los Doyers" T-shirts violate the team's trademark. The letter said the shirts "dilute the distinctive quality of the Dodger marks."

But now the team is selling official "Los Doyers" T-shirts for about $30 each.

"Instead of saying that's very endearing to our team, their idea was, 'How do we make money off of it,'" said Morales.

Dodgers fans in Echo Park Friday were none too happy about it.

"Los Doyers is coming from loyal, indigenous fans," said Terril Johnson. "It's not right."

Another fan Zimran Canas thought it would drive fans away. "That's like shooting against us. They're supposed to be bringing us in."

Morales said he doesn't have the money for the legal battle it would take to stand up against the Dodgers, so for now the logo will remain an official trademark.

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