Review: 'Easy A' not for those of a certain age


And like a bad case of telephone, she's suddenly labeled the biggest tramp who ever walked the halls of her high school. So she works it.

Apparently, at this high school the students are shocked at teenage sex. Where exactly is this place because no one's going to buy that part of the plot!

So once you realize you're watching something extremely exaggerated, you can just sit back and wait for the laughs.

And when it comes to that, /*Stanley Tucci*/ and /*Patricia Clarkson*/ offer some great comic relief as Stone's overly-liberal parents.

No complaints about the acting in this film, it's good.

But I will warn parents the language is very frank and filtered with a lot of four-letter words. This is not appropriate viewing for younger kids and it's probably not that interesting for people who've already heard "happy 30th birthday" either.

The name you'll remember in this movie is /*Emma Stone*/. It's clear she is on her way.

"/*Easy A*/" is rated PG-13, but the material feels more like PG-15 or 16 to me.

The high school crowd is likely to enjoy this more than those of us of a certain age, but I did laugh out loud more than once.

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