Sudden weather change baffles L.A. residents

LOS ANGELES Some worried residents are dropping that pseudo-scientific term "earthquake weather."

It was a remarkable sight in downtown /*Los Angeles*/ Wednesday night when a giant rainbow towered over the skyline.

Elsewhere in the Southland, there was dramatic lightning, punctuating an end to a brutal heat wave.

As the sun set, rain fell in the valley and on the west side. Some residents were baffled by the change in weather.

"113-degree temperatures with no air conditioning, and two days later, it's raining. I don't understand," said Brandon Ingels in /*Koreatown*/.

Enrique Santana enjoys taking pictures of rainstorms in downtown Los Angeles but Wednesday night, he worried that maybe record heat and a sudden change of weather may somehow signal the end times.

"It's very strange for me - 113-degree weather - it makes you think of 2012," he said.

The Mayan calendar ends in 2012, making some believe that 2012 indicates the end of the world.

"It makes me nervous. California is weird," said a downtown resident, Larry Smith.

Some residents were sending mixed messages, such as eating ice cream in a down jacket.

"I'm actually sweating," said the resident. "I way overestimated," he said.

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