Brown pulls farther ahead in governor poll

LOS ANGELES The latest statewide poll indicates Republican Meg Whitman would lose her record-setting race for governor. The billionaire former head of eBay is spending more money than anyone has ever spent for governor. Whitman says the latest poll is wrong. But it follows the trend of two other statewide surveys this week.

Whitman took her campaign to Northern California as her opponent, Democratic state Attorney General Jerry Brown, did not campaign for a second day five days before the election.

The latest Field Poll shows Brown with a 10-point lead.

"Our internal polls show this to be a dead-heat race, and I feel the momentum on the campaign trail. We are going to win this thing," said Whitman Thursday.

Brown's campaign said he's working, but not publicly campaigning. In a statement a spokesman says the Field Poll is consistent with their numbers, and that the campaign "feel[s] good about where we are but the race is far from settled."

His Republican opponent would agree. Even though the public polls are not at all optimistic, Whitman puts faith in two private polls that show the race is virtually tied.

"They are going to vote for a proven job-creator, as opposed to a job-killer," said Whitman. "They're going to vote for a proven person that has created jobs, balanced budgets, and bring a fresh outside approach, as opposed to the same-old, same-old approach of 40 years in Sacramento."

Brown was a two-term governor of California, a mayor of Oakland and now serves as attorney general. He was tied with Whitman in the polls a month ago.

Whitman suffered some setbacks when it was revealed she had an illegal immigrant housekeeper for nine years and fired her, she says, when she found out.

Whitman has been criticized for trying to buy the election.

"People choose to spend their money in different ways. Some give it to philanthropy. I have chosen to invest in a campaign that I believe will get me elected as governor of California and will fundamentally change the state," said Whitman.

Private contributors such as unions have spent nearly $30 million on the Brown campaign.

Saturday, Brown begins a three-day, 12-city tour of the state. Whitman continues her campaign schedule.

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