New turkey fryer promises to be safer, better

LOS ANGELES "Fried turkey is nothing like roasted turkey. It's very juicy and moist," said restaurant owner Aricka Westbrook.

But frying a turkey in a gas fryer can be potentially dangerous at home. If the oil spills over, it can ignite.

/*Consumer Reports*/' Bernie Dietrick says electric turkey fryers are much safer. He tested a new $117 electric fryer by Butterball that you can use right on your countertop.

To test, Consumer Reports fried about a 12-pound turkey. Just 48 minutes later, out came a nicely browned, juicy turkey.

"It's definitely faster than roasting. The turkey was great. The thighs were a little bit oily, but other than that it was delicious," said Dietrick.

Cleanup was a breeze, too. A lid helps prevent spattered oil and a drain makes it easy to empty out the oil.

Electric fryers, like the Butterball, also come with features that make them safer to use. There's an oil "fill line" so you don't end up spilling a lot of hot oil when you put the turkey in. And a thermostat prevents oil from overheating.

Consumer Reports' take: the Butterball turkey fryer serves up a great tasting turkey quickly and safely.

Consumer Reports says there are limits to the Butterball turkey fryer. It will only accommodate a turkey up to 14 pounds, which won't serve a huge crowd. It is available at several stores including Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Sears.

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