Fla. school gunman angered by wife's firing

PANAMA CITY, Fla. A school board meeting was taken over by a man armed with a gun, but no innocent lives were lost.

The shooting happened in Panama City, Florida and all of it was caught on camera. Unarmed school board members took action to stop the man.

A camera silently recorded the terrifying ordeal as Clay A. Duke confronted the Bay City School Board.

He pulled out a gun, spray painted a "V" with a circle around it on the wall and then ordered everyone out of the room except for the men on the school board.

As he waved the gun around and made threats, the only female member of the board, Ginger Littleton, snuck back into the room and tried to knock the gun from the 56-year-old's hand with her purse.

However, Littleton's efforts failed, and Duke let her leave the room. He then turned his attention and his gun on Superintendent Bill Husfelt. He then told the board members that his wife had recently been fired by the district.

Husfelt begged him not to fire. Duke fired twice and at first, Husfelt thought he was hit.

Duke fired several more shots wildly before a security guard rushed into the room. Mike Jones exchanged gunfire with Duke and shot the ex-con in the leg.

Duke then killed himself.

The security guard who shot Clark was taken to a local hospital for treatment after complaining about chest pains.

The retired police officer is currently listed in stable condition.

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