Traffic treacherous in mountain snow, rain

ANGELUS OAKS, Calif. Storm-related trouble in higher elevations caused closures Wednesday as fresh snow made mountain roads packed and treacherous.

If you're driving up to the mountains, you'll want to give yourself extra time. Several roads are backed up and dangerous.

Wednesday morning, traffic was stopped for several miles on Highway 38. Folks hoping to get up to Big Bear were severely slowed due to a traffic wreck involving nearly two dozen vehicles.

"The roads are inundated no matter which way you come up to the mountains right now," said Terri Kasinga, a Caltrans spokesperson. "We have snow, we have tourists coming up, we've got some closures going on, so if you're coming up to the mountain, bring your chains, bring extra supplies, water, blankets and patience."

There aren't many options for other routes to get up into the mountains.

Several chunks of the Highway 330 road have been washed away, resulting in jammed-up traffic on highways 18 and the 38.

Making matters worse, several drivers had to turn around and head back down because they didn't bring their chains.

In Big Bear, the latest storm brought between 4 to 7 inches of fresh powder. By New Year's weekend, all runs at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit are expected to be wide open.

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