Lost test scores jeopardize college plans


Jackie Lin was really hoping to get into UC Santa Barbara or UC Davis this fall. He spent more than $500 on tutors in preparation for his ACT test, but now his scores are lost in the mail. ACT says he can take the February test for free, but getting into college this fall doesn't look too promising.

"UC Santa Barbara said they are not going to take any scores from Feb. 12 and the others said 'we'll think about it,'" he said.

"It was like an empty feeling like, 'ah gosh I'll never know.' And then now to hear I have to take test again, another four hours on my Saturday, that's bad," Donna Nguyen said.

Acceptance letters from college go out in March, so those February scores probably won't make it in time. An ACT spokesman released a statement saying, "If any of the students are facing college admission deadlines that cannot be met because of this problem, they are urged to contact the college(s) and inform them of the situation. The students may provide the college a copy of the letter they received from ACT regarding the need for the retest."

Oakland High School Principal Alicia Romero says her staff plans to advocate on behalf of the students to the colleges.

"And make sure the universities understand that through no fault of ours, that through no fault of the students, do they have missing exams right now," she said.

An ACT spokesperson said although rare, some forms do get lost in the mail sometimes. And in their experience, they said when it has happened, colleges have been understanding and flexible.

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