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ViPR: Exercise tool that mimics daily tasks

March 2, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Functional fitness is one of the main themes in the world of exercise right now. As we age, if we can mimic movements in our workout that resemble real life, we can reduce the risk of injury. So you'll find all kinds of workouts geared to this theme.

"We live our lives in a three-dimensional world so why not train in one as well," said Paul Katami, group exercise manager of Equinox.

One of his favorite functional workout tools is the ViPR.

"The ViPR is great because the two main compound components it's going to give you are cardio and core work," said Katami.

This is why the tool has become so popular. ViPR is an acronym for Vitality, Performance, and Re-conditioning.

Some consider it the evolution of free weights. Mimicking daily tasks like carrying heavy bags, putting groceries away, even playing sports - it is purposeful training.

"So by mixing it up a little bit you're not only changing your mind and the motivation to do the workout, which is exciting, but you're also changing the muscle so you're getting better benefits," said Katami.

ViPR is made of soft rubber with several hand prints or grips that come in different strength ranging from eight to 45 pounds. The end result is a benefit to strength, flexibility, coordination and more.

It can be carried, tilted, dragged, thrown, flipped, stepped on and rolled. One of Katami's favorites is a dig.

"If you want to do what's called a dig, you can actually dig to one side, and putting it right over your shoulder. So it's actually transferrable into real life movements as well," said Katami.

Now you can try the ViPR before you buy it because Equinox gyms across the country hold ViPR classes.

A ViPR will set you back over $100 depending on the size and the weight of it. But they do have an online site that will show you free instructional video so you can ViPR on your own.

This product has been brought over from the UK and can be found online. For questions or to order the ViPR, check the product website or e-mail ravi@ptonthenet.com.