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Watermelon smashing comedian selling 30 years of mementos

March 17, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
Gallagher, the comedian perhaps best known for smashing watermelons on stage, lives locally and is holding an online garage sale of sorts.

The comedian was one of the biggest acts of the 1980's, bringing his zany, watermelon-smashing, prop-laden shtick to audiences around the world.

"You just Google Gallagher and I'm the top response," said Gallager. "I beat out an electric fence company from Australia."

But these days the audiences are smaller, and Gallagher's three-decade-long comedy grind has taken its toll on the 64-year-old.

"I had a heart attack on Thursday," said Gallagher.

A small one, he said, in the middle of one of his shows. But he's still booking gigs with his signature act.

Three watermelons a show, at 3,000 shows, that's how many melons have fallen prey to his hammer. But these days, he said he feels like he's the one getting hit by a hammer.

Gallagher said his mortgage lender has kicked him out of the home he's owned for 30 years.

"They locked it," said Gallagher. "They put a notice on the door saying I can't trespass here and I'm afraid they're going to throw everything away. That's all the problem is. You just don't have cash, but you have stuff."

Stuff he has to move out by the end of the month. And there's plenty to move out.

"I don't know, I guess there's a half-a-ton of stuff."

Or, more precisely, half a ton of fun with props and mementos spanning his 30 year career- that he's now hoping to sell.

"Somebody will want this," said Gallagher. "This is Americana. This is stuff that's in my videos."

Even Gallagher's very own Apple Computer is now on the market.

"I'm afraid that when I'm on the road they're going to throw it all away," said Gallagher. "So I want people who love my stuff to come and get it and then it will be safe."

Tough times or not, Gallagher's still out there making people laugh, with acts booked through the end of April according to his website. And this is where he said fans looking to pick up some of his props can get hold of them.

"I want it to go somewhere people will love it, maybe repair it," said Gallagher. "Leave me a number because we don't want the bank to just throw it in a landfill."

A comedy yard sale steeped in history, and destined to be a smashing success.