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Trump attacks Obama in ABC News interview

April 19, 2011 12:41:18 AM PDT
Will he or won't he? Donald Trump is sounding more and more like a presidential candidate. In an ABC News interview, he attacked President Barack Obama on the citizenship issue.

Despite his showing in polls, Trump says it'll be two months before he makes any announcement on a run for the White House.

But in an ABC News interview, he took on several major issues.

Tycoon and reality-show host Donald Trump won't say whether he'll be a Republican candidate for president. But he will say a lot about what he would do as president.

Trump has been moving up in the list of possible candidates. His name is getting more play in the polls these days than Sarah Palin's.

In two national polls, Trump has moved significantly ahead of Palin among possible Republican candidates. He's drawing a lot of attention by questioning President Obama's citizenship, despite proof to the contrary.

Trump did not back off in an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

"There's a real question about his own citizenship," said Trump.

An exclusive Eyewitness News poll conducted by SurveyUSA shows Trump as a presidential candidate would have trouble in Southern California, which voted for Obama.

When asked their opinions, 29 percent were favorable, versus 42 percent unfavorable. Nineteen percent surveyed were neutral and 10 percent had no opinion.

If Trump was the Republican presidential nominee today, 23 percent of Southern California residents would definitely vote for him, while 49 percent would vote against Trump. And 28 percent feel it's too soon to say.

"My big focus is China and OPEC and all of these countries that are absolutely destroying the United States," said Trump.

An ABC News/Washington Post national poll shows Trump the second choice of likely Republican voters, behind Mitt Romney, ahead of Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin. A CNN poll has Trump tied with Huckabee.

Trump says he would do something about the increasing prices of gas and would play hardball with oil-producing countries that benefit from U.S. protection.

"I'm going to look them in the eye. I'll say, 'Fellas, you've had your fun, your fun is over.' We protect Saudi Arabia. We have soldiers over there that they don't pay us for, by the way," said Trump. "We have soldiers all over the Middle East protecting these countries."

Asked if he was threatening to take away that protection, he said, "Oh, absolutely."

Trump says he has his own investigators looking into the question of President Obama's birth. He says we would be surprised at what they've found. But he won't tell anyone what it is.

And Trump says he will announce his decision by June about whether he will run for president.