Giovanni Ramirez's 9-year-old daughter interviewed by LAPD


The girl says her dad could not have beaten anyone at Dodger Stadium. She says that he was with her at an aunt's house more than four miles away. Her mother tells us the girl virtually begged to tell her story to police.

"My reaction she was very upset when she saw the first newscast," said the mother. "She was like, 'mom can I talk to them and let them know that he was not there he was with me, sleeping all day?'"

The mother says her daughter offered specifics- what they ate, what they drank, the friends who visited earlier that day who did go to the stadium opening day. The girl's mother says there's a reason Ramirez did not go to the game.

"As long as I have known him he never liked sports," said the mother. "Never. And I have never known him to go to a Dodger game."

Yet LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck maintains Ramirez is their man, as the police seek two accomplices.

"There are many things I would like to tell you about this case personally, but professionally I cannot," said Beck.

Questions are stirred by Ramirez's defense team. Ramirez has passed one defense-administered polygraph exams.

"Nobody should take that as any indicator of anything, other than the fact that if the defense is going to pay for an expert, then I'm going to use one of my experts to do the same thing," said Beck.

Defense attorneys say the LAPD has not given them its polygraph results as promised. They say that people can draw their own conclusions as to whether the results favor Ramirez.

"I don't arrest people lightly," said Beck. "I have very specific legal considerations that have to be met before we make an arrest and we detain somebody,"

Meantime the defense is supplying the LAPD with 10 other witnesses who can vouch for where Ramirez was on opening day.

Ramirez is expected to be charged with attacking Giants fan /*Bryan Stow*/ on opening day at Dodger Stadium. Stow was severely beaten and remains in serious condition. Ramirez is in jail on a parole hold, not charged with anything.

"We are confident that he is not the proper person," said Ramirez's attorney Chip Matthews. "And that LAPD will continue to do an excellent job and will continue to find the right person."

Ramirez is tentatively scheduled to have his first parole violation hearing Friday. There's an outside chance that could result in his release.

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