LA approves express bus lane on Wilshire Blvd


The Los Angeles City Council approved at its meeting Tuesday installing a 7.7-mile bus-only express lane that will run from Centinela Avenue on the west to South Park View on the east.

The lane will not run through the city of Beverly Hills or some short segments of Wilshire Boulevard near Westwood.

The bus lane will only be active on weekdays from 7 - 9 a.m. and 4 - 7 p.m. During those times, cars can enter the lane only to turn right. During non rush-hour times, cars can use the lane as usual.

The plan is projected to cost $31.5 million and was unanimously approved by the /*MTA*/ Board in December.

The Department of Transportation says it would take buses 10 minutes less to travel from end to end. For motorists, it would take about 11 minutes longer.

Wilshire Boulevard is the most heavily traveled transportation corridor in all of Los Angeles County.

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