Montel Williams partners with Calif. medical marijuana clinic


Williams has used the drug legally for 10 years since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis over a decade ago.

Now, he's partnering with Abatin Wellness to counsel medicinal marijuana users of the proper dosage based on their condition and history, so they don't have the same questions and confusion that he had. Williams said when he first tried using marijuana for the cramps and spasm of MS, he had no help.

"He just said 'try cannabis.' No direction, try it," he recalled. "Two-three years of chasing product that didn't have carcinogens in it like butane and other things that could do nothing but exacerbate an illness like mine, I started doing the research myself."

Williams wants the Albatin Wellness Cooperative to be the gold standard for marijuana dispensaries. The center officially opened this week.

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