'Green Lantern' review: Fun, popcorn kind of movie


When Reynolds' test pilot character, Hal Jordan, takes a mystical ring he's given special powers and he becomes part of an intergalactic squadron whose mission is to keep peace within the universe.

I saw the film in 3D and it helped add a little punch to the already stunning visuals. One fine example is Reynolds' Green Lantern battling the movie's creepy, gigantic, smoky villain, Parallax.

Reynolds seems suited to play this Green Lantern, especially since the movie includes a little comedy, something he knows well.

/*Blake Lively*/ holds her own as the love interest and Peter Sarsgaard becomes unrecognizable as a biologist gone-bad.

"/*Green Lantern*/" is not for my mom, and probably not for the older crowd in general. It's a sit back and enjoy, fun, popcorn kind of movie and on that front, it delivers. It just happens to be about saving the universe.

Superhero movies can be confusing if you don't know the history of the comic, but I found "Green Lantern" easy enough to follow. And I think you'll find Reynolds both compelling and, when needed, comical.

This one's worth the green.

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