Coyote attacks Laguna Woods woman, kills dog


Two Animal Services officers responded to the calls and investigated the area of Via Alhambra and Via Los Altos in a retirement community. The officers received another call reporting a sighting in the same area at 10:11 a.m.

A coyote had reportedly knocked a woman down and taken her Yorkshire Terrier. The incident occurred on Via Alhambra.

The woman, Karen Sherif, told authorities the coyote dragged her dog by the leash, pulling her down onto the ground. The coyote eventually let go of the dog, but the dog was dead.

"I heard a yelp and I turned around and a coyote had her by the neck at that point and was running across the street," she said.

Two coyotes were later seen running in the area, according to the department.

Sherif was treated by /*Orange County Fire Authority*/ personnel for minor injuries.

The Laguna Beach Police Dept. handles animal services for the city of Laguna Woods. Officers continued to monitor the city for coyotes.

There have been several attacks in early June. In a one-week span, a dog and five cats were killed by a male coyote in the neighborhood.

Signs were posted warning people not to feed coyotes.

Animal Services did capture three coyotes believed responsible for the June attacks.

Last Saturday a small dog was snatched from its owner by a coyote.

"That's very concerning to us that the coyotes are as bold as they are, not showing fear of humans, that they're coming so closely in very urban areas and attacking the dogs right outside of some folks' homes," said Jim Beres, a Laguna Woods Animal Services supervisor.

"Not only have [neighbors] been talking about it, but when they walk their dog or they go out, they've got golf clubs, baseball bats and things like that to fight off the animal," said Laguna Woods resident Jerren Auble.

Animal Services advises anyone confronted by a coyote that the best way to fend them off is to stand tall, wave arms and yell and make loud noises.

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