Conrad Murray defense strategy released in Michael Jackson trial


Court documents filed Monday show Murray's defense team plans to call witnesses close Jackson in an effort to portray the pop star as a drug addict.

Those witnesses include Jackson's make-up artist, Karen Faye, who was Jackson's friend for more than 20 years.

According to court documents, Faye told police that the week prior to Jackson's death he was in terrible shape and seemed to be under the influence of drugs. Faye said that she grew so fearful about Jackson's health and she became convinced he was going to die.

Also planned is Jackson's nanny, his dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein, and former head of Jackson security Michael LePerruque.

LePerruque worked for Jackson prior to 2007. Documents state that LePerruque reported that on one occasion he was concerned that Jackson had overdosed, and sat with him during the evening to make sure he did not stop breathing.

In addition to witnesses, defense attorneys say they have proof that Jackson possessed Propofol at Neverland Ranch as early as 2003. Documents state that two weeks prior to Jackson's death, he wanted Klein to get him an anesthesiologist to administer Propofol.

Prosecutors are fighting this defense strategy, saying the witnesses are not relevant. They also contend that the pop star was not addicted to Demerol and plan to hire addiction specialists to prove that, according to court documents.

A judge is expected to rule on the admissibility of witnesses Monday afternoon. Murray has pleaded not guilty.

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