Bryce Dallas Howard plays a mean girl in 'The Help'


For most of her movie career, actress Bryce Dallas Howard has played the heroine, but in "The Help," she's anything but.

"I'm a terrible, terrible woman in this movie," said Howard.

Howard had to tap into her mean girl side to play the role of racist southern belle Hilly Holbrook in the movie.

"That was kind of hard for me," said Howard. "I mean I was fortunate in that there was, of course, such a well-written screenplay, but a book as well. So in getting to read the book, I mean she's the character that you love to hate. And it got me really excited to play this character."

What excited Howard the most about making "The Help" is the fact that she got to work with a large ensemble cast of supremely talented women.

"It's so much more fun to be in an ensemble than it is to be the lead of a movie," said Howard. "I hope there's more. I hope I get to be in more ensemble films and more with these ladies."

Howard said the film offered her the chance to watch her talented cast mates at work. But she added that she actually learned more from them off screen.

"The thing that I really took away from all of them is just the kind of human beings they are," said Howard. "These are women of integrity, these are women of humor. I mean they're inclusive, supportive; it was very inspiring for me."

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