Guava, watermelon rated among best fruits


Recently, the Center for Science in the Public Interest put together a test, rating key nutrients, including Vitamin C, carotenoids, folate or Vitamin B, potassium and fiber.

They also looked at added calcium and iron, although they are less common.

The reigning champ is Guava. There's 100 calories for three, which is well beyond your daily needs for carotenoids and Vitamin C. It also has folate, potassium and about 15 percent of your daily value of fiber.

Another gold medal winner is watermelon. One cup is 50 calories with 17 percent of your Vitamin A, 21 percent of your Vitamin C and a bonus - 2 percent of your daily value for iron.

Also around 50 calories packed with Vitamin C and carotenoids is half of a pink grapefruit. It also has the added bonus of nearly 30 percent of your daily value of Vitamin A and a bit of Vitamin B.

And if you want more Vitamin B, grab a papaya. Though its carotenoid score is less, one cup has 31 percent of Vitamin A, 144 percent of vitamin C, and better yet, 3 percent of your daily value of calcium.

Other top seven contenders are kiwi, cantaloupe and apricot.

Of course all fruits have good nutrients, and the earlier we get kids eating both fruits and veggies the better.

One recent study found a high produce intake in children who ate a good amount of home-cooked fruits and vegetables before age 6.

But heads up! The fruit with the least amount to offer is unsweetened applesauce. So mom, give your kids the real deal.

Remember, fiber is an important part of fruit with edible peels, so eat the whole thing and fruit juice provides none. So when possible, eat - don't drink - your fruit servings.

Currently more than half of Americans fall short of the recommended fruit intake. Adults under age 30 consume half their fruit servings from juice.

Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter show these fruits as those highest in fiber:

  • Apples
  • Asian pears
  • Blackberries
  • Guava
  • Kumquats
  • Pears
  • Persimmons
  • Pomegranates
  • Raspberries

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