UCLA considers co-ed dormitory rooms


UCLA stated that it is not set in stone. It is something they are considering possibly for next year.

Currently many UCLA dormitories actually have co-educational hallways but this proposal would take this to a whole new level.

UCLA is not the first school to try it.

For many students, one of the most exciting parts of move in day at the dorm is meeting your new roommate. But what if that roommate was of the opposite sex? A co-ed dorm room

"I think it would be a little awkward at first, as a first year I don't think I would want to," said one student.

"I don't think I would do it, I think there would be living issues," said Kathleen DelRosio, a sophomore microbiology major.

UCLA calls the idea "gender-inclusive housing." It's being pushed by some transgender students to help ease their transition stage.

"I think you should be able to live however you want, as long as you are not infracting on the rights of others," said Saundra Albers, a freshman astrophysics major.

But the idea could extend to all students, even couples.

"When opposite sex attracts, if anything happens, like breakups, it's going to ruin the whole floor community," said Billy Sahachartsiri, junior political science/history major.

The idea has already been experimented with at UC Riverside, San Diego State University, and Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale, where students even protested to make it happen.

It raises the question: Which sex is a better roommate for a peaceful co-existence?

"Maybe a girl is a little bit more high maintenance," said Chris Long, freshman biology major.

"Guys, we live a little messier, we don't really care what people think," said Jonathan Wu, sophomore physiological science major.

"I have a younger brother, I wouldn't want to live with a guy, given how he lives," said Caitlyn Kojian, a freshman mathematics major.

"When I used to live at home, my sister had her own room and her room wasn't as clean as mine -- don't want to generalize," said junior sociology major Michale Aram.

One of the questions is how to actually take this idea. UC Berkley had taken the idea so far that they actually have co-ed bathrooms.

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