Antonio Banderas stars in twisted 'Skin I Live In'


Banderas has worked with writer-director Pedro Almodovar four times, including with his very first film, 1982's "Labyrinth of Passion."

"It was going back home, and very specifically, with Pedro Almodovar, going back to my family," Banderas said.

They're together again for the dramatic and twisted tale "The Skin I Live In." Banderas plays a plastic surgeon obsessed with creating a synthetic skin because of a past tragedy in his life he can't get over. The person receiving his invention is part of the film's mystery.

Banderas says working with Almodovar is like "going home," but it's not necessarily "home sweet home."

"Working with Almodovar is difficult, thank God, because he makes you ... get into universes and territories that are very, very, very eerie, from an acting point of view," Banderas said. "That is what creates, I think, a sense of horror, not in the traditional way ... It's just a different type of icy cold way to get into the audience."

The film is in Spanish, with subtitles in English, but, in any language, it's a wild ride. Banderas said Almodovar has the unique ability to reposition the audience several times during the story."

"These turns, these rocky mountains, but that is Pedro Almodovar," Banderas said.

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