Conrad Murray trial: Juror No. 5 speaks out


Juror No. 5, identified as Debbie Franklin, talked exclusively to ABC News. Franklin is a 48-year-old paralegal and mother of two.

Watch video of the guilty verdict being read in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

"Toward the end of the day, we finally took a vote. It was not unanimous, and we talked a little more about it," Franklin said.

She said the jury decided to think about it over the weekend.

"It was stressful. We did yelling, and we had to keep saying, 'Nobody talk while this person's talking. Raise your hand if you have something to say,'" Franklin said.

Watch video of the Jackson family's reaction to the verdict in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

She said nearly half of the deliberation time was spent listening once more to Murray's entire recorded interview with LAPD.

"Some of the jurors wanted to hear his tone of voice throughout it, how he was describing things, and they thought that that was important," Franklin said.

Franklin is the only one of the seven-men and five-women jury who is talking.

Watch video of defense attorney Michael Flanagan talking after the manslaughter conviction Dr. Conrad Murray.

"We all thought he was a nice guy, a good doctor, a good cardiologist. I think he just got too far over his head," Franklin said.

After listening to six weeks of testimony, Franklin said nearly all the jurors believed Murray was guilty in the first day of deliberations, but some weren't sure that he was solely responsible.

Had it not been for Murray's negligence, Franklin believes Jackson would still be alive.

"I believe he had issues. I believe he had addictions or dependence," she said. "He'd asked other doctors to do it. They said no. He was looking for somebody to say yes, and Conrad Murray said yes."

On Monday morning, Franklin said jurors were able to come to a unanimous decision to convict Murray of involuntary manslaughter. She rang the buzzer to alert the judge. The jury deliberated for less than nine hours over the span of two days before returning with a guilty verdict.

Murray was taken out of the room in handcuffs to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown Los Angeles, where he is reportedly teary-eyed but not suicidal.

Sources say defense attorneys Ed Chernoff and Nareg Gourjian went to visit him around lunch time and spent about 40 minutes with him.

For Franklin, Murray's guilt was proven based on three reasons: not calling 911, not having medical backup equipment in the room and leaving his patient alone in the room.

"Even if Michael Jackson injected himself, which I don't think we didn't believed, but we felt even if he did, that wouldn't have mattered because Conrad Murray brought the situation there. He was in charge," Franklin said.

Another issue that didn't matter was Jackson's history with other doctors and the painkiller Demerol.

"He didn't die from that, it wasn't in his system when he died," Franklin said.

Murray is awaiting sentencing in his jail cell. Superior Court Judge Pastor will also hear victim impact statements from the Jackson family at the sentencing set for Nov. 29. Emotional statements on behalf of Prince, Paris and Blanket are expected.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said there is a possibility that Murray may be moved to another jail facility. Officials say Murray is a model inmate.

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