Service helps moms looking for work again


"What we're seeing is that companies work with Mom Corps when they want highly-engaged employees that want to be there, that are really qualified," said Julie Lacouture of Mom Corps.

It's not just secretarial work that employers are looking for. There's a wide range of fields. There are some jobs that are especially well-suited for moms who are not ready to dive back into full-time work.

Just be aware there are tradeoffs. For example, part-time work usually does not include benefits.

Work as a freelance writer, producing anything from press releases to web articles, offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to hours. Accounting and legal work is another good option.

The healthcare industry is booming and there are plenty of part-time jobs well-suited for moms, especially for those with prior experience.

Sales is another alternative that can allow moms to set their own schedules. But before you start looking for work, set some goals.

"People need to get clear on what they want to be doing, how much time they have to do a job. Do you want a part-time job? Do you want a temporary job? Is it a full-time position that you're looking for?" said Lacouture.

Knowing where you want to land in the workforce is important, especially if you are still raising kids. And while it will mean more work, some studies show even part-time jobs can make for happier moms.

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