Lost dog reunited with IE owner after 6 years thanks to microchip


"Just how cute she was, she was just fluffy, she looked like a big cotton ball, or little cotton ball rather, and I just fell in love with her," said Allen.

But she was only with Allen at her Pomona home for about nine months when one day, she disappeared.

"We just thought they were in the backyard playing, letting her have a good time with the other dog, and then all of a sudden they were just gone, they're nowhere to be found."

Allen thinks her dog escaped from backyard through a hole at the bottom of the fence here. Now the fence has since been repaired, but Allen never thought she'd see her dog again.

"It was sad, very sad, I put flyers out, and never found her," said Allen.

That was six years ago, and a lot has changed since then. Allen moved to Ontario. She's now married with four kids.

Needless to say, the phone call she recently got from Riverside County Animal Services was not one she was expecting.

"I just get a call out of the blue saying they found Princess and I said, 'What?!'"

Princess was apparently found wandering the streets in Riverside. Who knows what she's been through over the years. But because she was micro chipped by Allen, they were able to be reunited.

"Collars fall off, tags fall off, and so to have a microchip, which is a lifetime thing, to reunite the owner, it's a great thing to have," said Scott Reeves of Riverside County Animal Services.

Allen agrees. She credits her decision to chip the Princess as the reason for the reunion.

"If it wasn't for the chip, I never would have seen her again," she said.

And while a lot of time has passed since the two saw each other, Allen is certain Princess still recognizes her.

"She was in love with me, she jumped on my lap right away, it was just great, a great story," she said.

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