'Dancing With The Stars' season finale: 4 perfect scores


In the judges' choice round, Jenkins and her partner, Mark Ballas, danced the Paso Doble, scoring their first perfect score of the season. They returned for 10-10-10 again with a freestyle number the judges said was rich in content, calling it the dance of a champion.

"I have to say I am pretty relieved now because really we worked so hard," she said. "Mark choreographed such a great, fun routine and mostly, I just think I didn't want to let you down. I wanted to get it good for all the hard work."

"It's in the hands of the fans now," Ballas added. "We're just grateful to make it this far."

Levy and his partner, Cheryl Burke, got a perfect 10-10-10 for the Cha Cha Cha. After the judges' choice number, they returned to score 29 more points for their freestyle routine.

"We got to the finals, we did everything we could, everything that we are supposed to do," Levy said. "I feel we nailed it so, I was pretty happy."

Driver and partner Peta Murgatroyd were one point away from perfection with their judges' choice selection: the Argentine Tango. But they returned for a rousing freestyle routine with the Green Bay Packer suddenly becoming a cowboy.

"I think we let everything loose," Driver said. "We threw the whole kitchen sink at them."

"I could do what I wanted to do and I could be loose," he added. "It wasn't about technique, it wasn't about posture, it wasn't about where my head's supposed to be. It was just having fun and I had a great partner. She pushed it. She made it work and look at us now. We're hoping we get to take home that mirror ball."

Each couple dances one more time Tuesday night for judges' scores only. With scores so close in a season so competitive, viewer votes have probably never meant so much.

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