Boss gives employee with dying mother $500


"I have an employee by the name of Patricia, her mother is dying of cancer, and she can't afford to really take more than one day off because she needs to help her parents out," said Parks.

Patricia Prossinger's mom, Cindy, was battling uterine cancer. Wendy says Prossinger always kept a positive attitude with customers, but sometimes confided in her.

"She actually breaks down in my office a few times a week, and I'm there to listen to her because she's hurting. It hurts to lose a parent, I know, I've lost both of mine," said Parks.

So Parks surprised Prossinger one day as she worked behind the deli counter. She explained to Prossinger why she was giving her $500.

"You know why Patricia? You help us out here, you're wonderful with the customers, you're going through a difficult time, and I really, really feel like you need this right now," Parks said.

Prossinger was just about speechless and could only tell everyone thank you as she tried to process what just happened.

"I'm just trying to remember what was all going on here! What else can I say? ...Thank you Wendy, thank you Channel 7, everybody, thank you!" said Prossinger.

Sadly, just a few days after her tears of joy, Prossinger's mother lost her brave struggle. But Prossinger said that money she received gave her precious time.

"I was actually able to take some time off beforehand, which was great, the night before, on that day, and the night she passed in my dad's and my arms," said Prossinger.

Before she passed, though, Prossinger told her mother about the visit.

"I told her about what happened and the $500 that I got and told her what I could do with it to spend more time with her," said Prossinger. "She did this, she had given me the thumbs up, with her weak and frail body, [she] was able to do this because she knew that my job here at Ralphs with the director and everybody that I know is taking care of me here and she has no other worries or concerns when she goes."

Prossinger is grateful for the opportunity to honor her legacy.

"My mom was a great person, nothing was too much for her, she always made sure that we had everything that we needed and more. I had the best mom in the whole world," she said.

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