Foods that can actually help you slim down


A new book by SELF Magazine's editor Lucy Danziger called "The Drop 10 Diet: Add to Your Plate to Lose the Weight," cites ample studies that show some super foods for slimming. So get ready to eat and burn fat.

A is for apples, which contain about 4 grams fiber per fruit. People eat less calories when consumed 15 minutes prior to a meal.

Eggs are protein power houses that you want in your day. One study found those who ate two eggs with toast and jam in the morning lost 65 percent more weight than those who ate a bagel breakfast with the same amount of calories.

Edamame is another excellent choice with a whopping 17 grams of protein per cup, which is the one food component that really fills you up. One study found those who ate these little beans sometime in the morning burned more calories than other types of protein.

The resistant starch and protein in lentils have this legume listed as an All-Star. Test subjects who ate 3/4 cup burned 23 percent more fat than when they ate a meal free of starch.

Tubers are also the talk of the town. Like lentils, sweet potato's resistant starch appears to increase a hormone that signals the brain to stop eating. Taste testers ate 10 percent less with sweet potatoes on their program.

Other blue ribbon ideas include: quinoa, olive oil, yogurt and kiwi. All of them were studied and found to offer fat-burning benefits. So from breakfast, snack, lunch to dinner, there's 10 ways to get fat to fly with flavor.

These foods are also mentioned in the May issue of SELF Magazine.

See photos of super foods that can help you get slim.

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