Kelly Macdonald lends her voice to Disney-Pixar's 'Brave' heroine


The film takes place in Macdonald's homeland of Scotland.

"Scotland's a beautiful place and, you know, people that have traveled to Scotland and made it here never forget it and come back," said Macdonald. "I think the animators have brought it to life and they've got all the best aspects of the Scottish countryside. And, you know, it makes you want to go out and explore."

In the film, Merida is a bit of a daredevil. Macdonald says she's proud of the character and thrilled that she to lend her voice. She's also happy "Brave" is an animated movie because the character is a teenager and she's 36.

"The film, if it was live action, I don't think I would have been cast and it's just so great to get to play, you know, to get to play this energetic, feisty, adventurous girl. I just have loved it," said Macdonald. "She's so cute. She's just so cute, with her little, sort of crumpled face and sort of hiding within all this hair. She's great."

Macdonald says Merida, as the film's lead, may very well teach young girls a thing or two about life.

"Their life is their own and just how important family is. And also to be a bit kinder to your mothers when you hit your teens, possibly," she laughed.

"Brave," rated PG, opens in theaters on Friday, June 21.

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