Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband appointed temporary conservator


Gabor's daughter, Constance Francesca Gabor Hilton, and von Anhalt have been at odds for years, accusing each other of mismanaging Gabor's finances. Hilton had been seeking to win conservatorship, but she seemed pleased with the settlement filed in court Wednesday.

According to the agreement, Hilton will be able to visit her mother once a week and will receive statements detailing her finances on a monthly basis. The settlement also includes a $250,000 bond to protect Gabor's estate from any potential misappropriation of funds by von Anhalt. He is also required to transfer $100,000 into a blocked account. The agreement was the result of several weeks of mediation.

Hilton, 65, is the daughter of hotelier Conrad Hilton and is Gabor's only child. She says ever since her mother's leg was amputated a year ago because of gangrene, von Anhalt has thrown up a wall between her and her mother.

"There has been a history of difficult relationships between her and von Anhalt, so yeah she absolutely felt threatened previously," said Hilton's attorney, Kenneth Kossoff.

Despite the agreement's stipulations, von Anhalt says he is the victor in this fight.

"Bottom line, I'm the conservator. I'm the boss, I sign the checks, period, that's it, and it's business as usual," said von Anhalt. "I'm doing what my wife wanted me to do, and what my wife wants to do, and that's what I'm going to do now. I make the decisions, I make the financial decisions and I make the health decisions about my wife."

In court papers, von Anhalt's attorney William Remery says his client has "managed (Gabor's) finances prudently while under significant financial straits created in large part by (Hilton's) own abuse of power of attorney given to her by (her mother)."

The agreement will last for six months. The judge set a Jan. 9 hearing to check up on the agreement between von Anhalt and Hilton.

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