Alfred Molina stars in LA production of 'Red' play


Molina has enjoyed a long and varied acting career, whether playing the superhero nemesis "Doc Ock" in "Spider-Man 2," going for laughs in the ensemble of "The Pink Panther 2," or performing live on stage. Molina likes to mix it up.

"If you try to keep things as varied as possible, try and make each job as different from the last, you have a fighting chance to be available and open to everything," said Molina.

Molina is bringing the Tony-award-winning drama "Red" to the Mark Taper Forum. He plays famed artist Mark Rothko, a role he played both on Broadway and the London stage.

In the play, we see the struggle between staying true to artistic choices, or saying "yes" to the more commercial aspect. The film explores the question: "What Is Art?"

"Rather than saying what is it supposed to be, what does it mean -- How does it make you feel? Which is what Rothko asks in the play," said Molina.

The native Brit is bringing this piece of art to Los Angeles, which he has called home for 20 years.

"People who live in L.A. who love theatre, really love it," said Molina. "There's a real enthusiasm in Los Angeles for theatre, it's a theater-making town. There's a lot of theater going on in L.A."

"Film and TV may dominate, but they certainly haven't conquered yet," said Molina.

"Red" runs through Sept. 9.

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