Prince Harry apparently naked in Vegas photos


Buckingham Palace confirmed the photos were of the prince, but declined to make any further comment about them.

In one picture, the 27-year-old prince is covering the family jewels while a topless woman stands behind him. According to TMZ, the playboy prince and his entourage made friends with the ladies while mingling at the hotel bar. Then the party continued with a game of strip billiards in Harry's high roller suite at the MGM Grand. Seems the spare to the heir didn't realize his free-reigning fun was being captured on camera.

This is just the latest embarrassment for the royal family in a string of incidents involving the prince.

"He's done a lot of stuff in the past," said ABC News correspondent Nick Watt. "He likes to drink, he likes the ladies, but I'm surprised that he got caught, I'm surprised he put himself in the position where he could be photographed. Photographs like this will spread all over the world."

And they have. Publications from here to New Zealand are serving up the tabloid fodder. But what about the ever-so royal-hungry British press? How will the story play across the pond?

"If you are an old tradition British person who thinks the monarch is serving God, serving the country, then you will be appalled," Watt said. "If you're one of the younger people in the country ... you'll probably smirk and think, 'Good on you, Harry.'"

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