Cirque du Soleil auditions: A look behind the scenes


"We are looking for artists that have a really good technical base. They must be able to evoke an emotion and put across their artistic feelings," said acrobatic advisor Lisa Jones.

Some artists, like Simone Lazar, have been doing this for years.

"I started dancing and taking circus arts, just general circus arts, when I was 7," said Lazar.

Others came to the circus in a roundabout way.

"I wanted to take gymnastics when I was a little girl, and I had to take swimming lessons instead. So I grew up and ran away with the circus, pretty much," said Ann Stimmel, an aerial silk artist.

All agree that this is the opportunity of a lifetime. For upcoming auditions, they are looking for some new moves and inspiration.

"These general auditions are really interesting in that we are not really looking for anything. We are hoping to find something," said acrobatic coach Stacy Clark.

All of those who auditioned said they hope to have that special something to make them stand out.

"I threw out a lot of like really hard tricks...took a bunch of risks, which is basically what my entire life has been, just try to go all out," said Samuel Ortiz, an aerial hoop artist.

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