Waze app can help during Carmageddon 2


The free Waze app does it with GPS and real-time traffic data from more than half-a-million other drivers using Waze in the Los Angeles area.

Download Waze to your smartphone at http://m.waze.com/download

The Waze map will give up-to-the-minute driving conditions, not only on freeways, but side streets as well, so you can check traffic on detours around the closure, like Sepulveda Boulevard, Ventura Boulevard, and canyon routes, like Beverly Glen.

If you see a red line, that means traffic is jammed. Orange means traffic is congested but moving. If you don't see a color, that means your drive is clear.

What makes Waze different is it lets drivers communicate with each other. Wazers can post traffic alerts, warning others in the Waze community about any accidents or hazards that could slow you down.

To use Waze on the road, drivers don't need to touch their phone for safety. The new version of Waze is hands free for iPhone users, and for Android users, a box will pop up telling you only passengers are allowed to interact with Waze while the car is in motion.

Make sure you have the audio turned on. Waze will tell you directions so you can keep your eyes on the road.

As more and more Wazers join the community, the more data comes in, making the map even more accurate. It's like having virtual eyes on our freeways and side streets.

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