'666 Park Avenue' full of mystery, scares


The building they're moving into is owned by a fabulously rich and incredibly mysterious man played by Terry O'Quinn from "Lost."

"He's pretty tough. He's predatory. That's my new favorite word for him," Quinn said of his character. "He's looking for the weak and the lame and the sick, and whoever he can exploit. And he'll do it unscrupulously."

Vanessa Williams plays Quinn's equally mysterious wife, whose charm and kindness seems to be a ruse.

"I think our modern day equivalent would be the Madoffs where nobody knew what was going on, they had incredible power, a lot of money, and a lifestyle which people wanted," she said.

But to buy into that lifestyle, the residents of the beautiful building just may have to sell their souls to something sinister. The show's actors rate "666 Park Avenue" high on the scare meter.

"I think we're a 10," said actress Rachael Taylor. "But not because we're graphic or violent. This is a TV show about people and there are supernatural elements to it and what we're really trying to do is build the creepy factor. We're never going be too obvious with our scares, we're always going to keep it subtle."

Quinn hopes the scares are enough to separate the brave viewers from the cautious.

"We should scare a few away. The chickens!" he laughed. "It should be scary enough to scare a few away."

Before those scares, Sunday night on ABC begins with the second season premiere of "Once Upon A Time" at 8 p.m. It's followed by the season premiere of "Revenge," which moves to its new 9 p.m. Sunday time slot. "666 Park Avenue" premiers at 10 p.m.

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