San Diego panda cub nearly taking full steps


Vets examined the cub on Thursday and confirmed that he is in good shape and developing normally.

The cub is now 13 weeks old, weighs 8.8 pounds with a nose-to-tail length of approximately 23.6 inches. Zoo officials say the panda is pushing up on all four legs and getting his back feet to follow his front. Senior veterinarian Tracy Clippinger, who conducted the latest exam, said the panda is somewhere between crawling and walking.

Clippinger also noted that the cub's first tooth has pushed through the gums on the upper left side of his mouth.

In accordance with Chinese tradition, the cub will not be named until he reaches 100 days old. The zoo asked the public for input, and will announce the winning name Tuesday, Nov. 13, at a public naming ceremony at the San Diego Zoo.

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